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The Libertarian Party (LP/L) of the United States is an American political party founded in 1971 that advocates libertarian political views as part of the worldwide libertarian movement. In terms of Presidential elections, the party hit a new high in popularity in 2016, receiving over 3% of the vote. In terms of political activity (number of candidates, access to the ballot, and elected office ...

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The mascot for the Republican party is the elephant. It began being used as such in 1877 after Thomas Nast began drawing political cartoons using the elephant for Republicans and the donkey for ...

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The Liberty Penguin - named "LP" - is a proposed logo for the Libertarian Party to replace the Statue of Liberty. The "LP" has been worn by all the Libertarian Presdidential Candidates since its creation and rising popularity. Michael Badnarik notably wears it often while speaking on behalf of the LP. The "LP" can also be seen on Harry Browne's lapel on his new eTV show, This Week in Liberty.

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No Green Party Animal Mascot at all: On Ballot : 2: NOTA: On Ballot: California: Jared Laiti: 1: No Green Party Animal Mascot at all: On Ballot : 2: NOTA: On Ballot : 3: I would not have opposed having a mascot: Write In : 4: But I must oppose this flawed process. Write In: California: Steve Loebs: 1: NOTA: On Ballot : 2: No Green Party Animal ...

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The Libertarian Party is a United States political party founded in 1971.The LP is the largest third party in the United States. The Libertarian Party was founded on the basic ideas of Libertarianism.This philosophy is rooted in the Non-Aggression Principle and ideas such as Self-Ownership, The Ownership of Property, and the Objectivist notion of man as a heroic being.

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Apr 15, 2020 · Which is why both the turtle and the porcupine have emerged as libertarian mascots, rather than the coyote. Log in to Reply . mpercy. April.15.2020 at 2:44 pm .

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Jan 27, 2010 · The cartoon, titled "The Third Term Panic," showed a donkey (representing the Herald and the Democratic press) wearing a lion's skin (labeled "Caesarism" ) in …